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Water Wells


FRASTE FS 600 - Versatile drilling rig designed to operate on platform for deep water wells drilling, but also at ground level, by using stabilizers only, being so perfect for Geothermal works, too. All-hydraulic “Fraste” automatic drill pipes loading system, for 9 mt drill pipes, also suitable for heavy drill pipes and with different diameters. Mast pull-up capacity 60 ton, equipped with telescopic extension for Range 2 casing handling. Separate system for drilling muds treatment and cleaning available. The FS 600 is the result of a high-tech design, a precise mechanical construction and assembly of components produced by worldwide Companies: guaranty of Quality, high Technology, Reliability and Safety.


Other optional items are available on demand for a highly customized version of the rig.

Power 260 - 522 Kw (354 - 710 Hp) TIER 3 - TIER 4 F
Pull-up 60000 daN (134855 lbf)
Pull-down 35000 daN (78683 lbf)
Max rotary head torque 4320 daNm (31862 ft lbf)

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