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MITO 100 TB, powerful drilling rig for tie/side back anchors and micro-piles; main feature of this productive and quality drilling rig is the innovative rod&casing carousel, which makes difference from the MITO 100. THE CAROUSEL, UNIQUE IN ITS PERFORMANCES, CONTAINS UP TO 9 DRILL PIPES AND 9 CASINGS WITH VARIOUS DIAMETERS and it is totally driven by remote radio control, allowing a very quick action and great safety. The design of the MITO 100 TB is developed under the most innovative technical solutions, all articulation elements have been properly sized for a considerable reduction of oscillations during drilling jobs.


  • Hydraulic rod & casing carousel
  • Hydraulic drifter
  • Winch
  • Wire line winch
  • Triplex pump

Other optional items are available on demand for a highly customized version of the rig.

Power 205 Kw (275 Hp) TIER 3 - TIER 4 F
Rotary head stroke 7500 mm (24,6 ft)
Pull-up 10000 daN (22480 lbf)
Pull-down 10000 daN (22480 lbf)
Max rotary head torque 3400 daNm (25100 ft lbf)
Max rotary head speed 190 rpm
Clamp Ø 90-560 mm (3,5"-22")
Weight ~ 36000 Kg (~ 79366 lb)

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