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Multidrill XL MAX

Water Wells, Geothermal Drilling


MULTIDRILL XL MAX – The best for medium size water wells and geothermal drilling, everywhere. This crawler mounted rig is unstoppable; it quickly reaches the drilling site and set up to drill. MAX performances thanks to the built-in famed Fraste Automatic Drill Pipes Manipulator; 5m or 4m long drill pipes at customer’s choice. Direct/Reverse fluids circulation and DTH Hammer drilling systems ensure the user the full potential of the unit. Pullback capacity 10 tons and 170 or 275 HP Stage 4 Final engines well explain that it is powerful and strong despite its compact size. 1st class hydraulics and components make the XL MAX reliable and safe. EU drilling rigs norms construction.


  • Automatic drill pipes loading system - Manipulator
  • Main winch
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Screw pump
  • Foam pump
  • Line lubricator

Other optional items are available on demand for a highly customized version of the rig.

Power 129 Kw (173 Hp) TIER 3 - 129,4 Kw (173,5 Hp) TIER 4 F
Rotary head stroke 5700 - 6700 mm (18,7 - 22 ft)
Pull-up 12000 daN (26977 lbf)
Pull-down 6800 daN (15287 lbf)
Max rotary head torque 1700 daNm (12538 ft lbf)
Max rotary head speed 1250 rpm
Clamp Ø 60-350 mm (2,3"-13,8")
Weight ~ 14500 Kg (~ 31967 lb)

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